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Who ever thought teens were stupid?

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Helpingteens.org is a website designed and run by teenagers with the goal of helping out teenagers with the problems they experience in everyday life. All of Helpingteens mentors are normal teens who experience the same problems as the average teen, and dedicate their time on the Helpingteens.org website because they want to help out other teenagers through the experiences they have had in life.

We have many different methods of help available to our web users. Our biggest section is the Support Groups which is a message forum. The Live Chat is another method that is available to our users. You are encouraged to speak out using the method that makes you feel most comfortable. We also have a wide range of Articles on different topics & subjects with a lot of great information. For those in need of immediate help, our Resources list of hotlines, and associating websites can be used.

World-wide recognition has put TeenHelp in the spotlight of thousands of teenagers from many different cultures. TeenHelp has been recognized in such publications as USA Today and television broadcasts on ABC and BBC. You can write into TeenHelp with confidence knowing that someone cares.