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by Jˆ® ????????? (amatasu)
at October 25th, 2003 (10:04 pm)

What happen to this place? did we all just forget about it?


SumChik [userpic]
by SumChik (sumchik)
at June 15th, 2003 (07:38 pm)
current song: against me! "Baby, I'm an anarchist"

I had stopped really trying to help people with cutting [don't wanna go down that road again, so I only help when I feel as if I can really help], and I never go in the suicide forum because I don't think I'm very helpful there and it only makes me feel down, which is just not good. Just now, though, I remembered the feeling of helping someone and being there for them and just being a friend. That's what this is all about. <3

Dustin [userpic]
by Dustin (bitchy_boy)
at June 6th, 2003 (08:37 am)

current mood: crazy

Hey everyone it is me Dustin, I just thought I would join here!

SumChik [userpic]
by SumChik (sumchik)
at June 5th, 2003 (10:03 pm)

current mood: hyper

Mwahaha. I'm a member now too. Go me. :happy mango dance:. In case you don't recognize the icon, this is DreamPixie. Much love to you guys, check out my personal journal , I'm out. <3

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